Sunday, August 5, 2007

cool summer lunch (aka the boyfriend special al-mode)

i know you're all probably already insanely jealous of the way my significant other wines and dines me, so i must admit i was hesitant at first to post this entry. i'm just going to have to ask the ladies and the gays to do their best to exercise some self control and keep their hands off my man after reading this.

cool summer lunch (by the boy)
  • one deli sammich
  • one bag of cool ranch doritos (the "cool" part of the summer lunch)
  • one iced tea
  • one pint of ice cream
accept boyfriend's offer to pick up some lunch, and do your best to hide the annoyance in your voice when you realize he's hitting up the deli again. argue with boyfriend over phone while he stands in the deli and insists they don't have any teany or honest tea even though they've had them every. other. time. you've been there. settle for some apricot shit from inko's that tastes like acetone instead. enjoy with an al-mode side of ice cream eaten directly from the container (cause we're classy like that).

i've actually watched them make this meal at the deli several times myself and i think i've nearly perfected the at home version of it. it involves slicing a roll as well as some lettuce and tomato so it's a bit advanced, but i'll be sure to post it anyway once i have it all worked out.


Laura said...

i am jealous of your boy and his amazing ability to make you a lunch!

jackie said...

debbie, i can't get over it. i have never had anything from a deli before. this looks just scrumptious! and your boyfriend bought you all of this?

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