Wednesday, August 1, 2007

cooking with friends

my friend karolyn invited me over to help her cook dinner last night.

it was a good thing i got there when i did, because she was attempting to prepare ratatouille on the floor!

i swooped in to save the meal and make the quinoa.

red quinoa
open box of quinoa (be sure to open plastic bag inside of box as well). pour entire box into pot of water. boil for approximately 15 minutes or until karolyn pays attention and turns off the flame.

i know some of you were a little intimidated by the stove top usage in the hard boiled egg recipe, so you might want to check out this tutorial here. in fact it might be best to do several practice runs before actually making any real food.

while i did all the hard work, karolyn busied herself with useless endeavors like building towers of ratatouille and quinoa out of recycled cans.

unfortunately, the hard, sad reality of gravity soon set in. amazingly enough though, this dish tastes identical in both a vertical and horizontal position.

for dessert we had cupcakes from sugar sweet sunshine provided by ian, another dinner guest. it's a good thing that he and i were there to save this meal from being a total and utter disaster. however, i did learn that it's difficult to photograph cupcakes while intoxicated.

it's so good to know that my friends can really count on me to help them eat well!!*

*though i must admit part of me secretly isn't sure just how grateful they are, seeing as how they repaid me by forcing me to play a five hour game of pirates which nobody actually won...


Laura said...

i'm so glad you were able to help poor karolyn. with your help, her cooking skills will improve i am sure. what a good friend!

jackie said...

is "quinoa" some kind of newfangled rice? never heard of it!

Panegyric said...

wow! thanks for that tutorial. I've already started practicing. The first two times I forgot the water but this next time I know I'll get it right!

debbie said...

jackie - it's a grain that poor people in south america used to eat but it's brookly hipster approved as well!

panegyric - keep at it, i know you'll get it one of these days!