Saturday, August 11, 2007

do real people eat this? (part one: cottage cheese & banana)

welcome to the first installment of my new series entitled "do real people east this?" in these posts i'll examine food combinations that are (or were) staples for me, and ask if any other human beings out there actually eat them. then it's up to you, my faithful readers, to reply and tell me just how much of a freak i am. i'm kicking things off with a childhood favorite that i still eat today: cottage cheese & banana.

my mother got me hooked on this one early on. i did some snooping on the internets and all i seemed to turn up was a baby food recipe (that seems to use "cottage" and "cream" as synonyms) and some misguided fitness enthusiasts.

so tell me blogosphere, does anyone else out there eat this? and if not, would you all be willing to try, because i'm telling you - it's delish!


Anonymous said...

This doesn't sound like anything I'd eat, but as a child I spiced up cottage cheese with Bacos. Once I tried using real bacon bits and that was a disappointment. The crunch of the Bacos is essential to mushy cottage cheese.

Shannon said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE this combination and probably eat it once a week. It is soooo yummy and a perfect snake: protein, calcium, vitamins. Perfect.

I despise savory cottage cheese. I hate the idea of salting an peppering it, or adding vegetables.

Bananas or pineapple only, please.

Kaela said...

No. :)

A perfect snake, Shannon? Really?

Shannon said...

Ahem, Ms. Kaela, maybe we've found the reason for misspellings: percocet. I don't remember making that comment let alone snaking ;)

debbie said...

hmmmm... well i have one vote of drug induced approval, and two votes no. so it looks like people don't actually eat this unless they're either a.) me or b.) hitting up the narcotics.

also, anonymous ftw with cottage cheese and bacos? care to guest blog sometime???

lucia said...

no no no i think that sounds delicious. i vote YES to cottagenanner.

Nina said...

in ip, normally we were only allowed to have cottage cheese with fruit for snack, and most of the skinniezz would every day as the alternatives were cereal with full-fat milk or protein bars. once a week it was a lunch option on the menu, and it was so fucking exciting. usually our options were along the lines of burger vs. pizza, or pasta vs. cheese sammich. on cottage cheese day, all the anorexics would have, like, giant trays of cottage cheese with mounds of fruit and huge grins plastered on their withered, sunken little faces.

anyway, yes, i love it. love love love it. especially with a little all-bran mixed in for crunch, a pinch of cinnamon, and 2 packets of splenda. also, if you havent tried the FULL FAT cottage cheese at least once youre missing out. its 20 times better, i kid you not. orgasmic.

Anonymous said...

stop stealing our ideas.
silly fool.


Brattany :) said...

You don't know me but this mad me laugh so hard! I am eating cottage cheese and bananas right now! It is one of my favorite snacks! I eat it almost daily!!