Friday, August 3, 2007

breakfast in bed the morning after (lg15 1 of 12)

so a little over a year ago i decided i need yet another way to waste time on the internet and got sucked into the lonelygirl15 videos. today, 200+ videos later, is the 12 videos in 12 hours season finale, so i'm geeking out by devoting all of today's blog entries to the amazing recipes i've learned by watching this series. seriously, all of the drama of the ceremony and escaping the order is practically overshadowed by the incredible cooking.

so without further ado:

bree's breakfast in bed with jonas's morning after coffee (by danielbeast)
  • one banana
  • one orange
  • one small container of yogurt
  • 3/4 cup of cereal with milk
  • 4 heaping tablespoons ground coffee
daniel made this for bree during the breakfast in bed video.

slice banana into coins (if you're not quite up to par with your knife usage yet a plastic knife or even a chopstick will still cut through the soft banana). peel orange and separate into wedges.* serve with bowl of cereal (bree had froot loops, but i substituted some hoighty toighty healthy cereal) and container of yogurt.

i tried my best to recreate the coffee daniel made for jonas in the morning after, but for some reason i couldn't get mine to appear invisible like his did. i made mine with mud truck organic hippie blend but maybe next time i'll try something different to achieve that "does not appear on film" effect.

snacks and lunch coming up next... stay tuned!

*nerdy bonus point - does anyone know what other video involved bree and orange wedges?

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