Friday, August 3, 2007

tea time (lg15 10 of 12)

sooooo.... bree might be dead? everyone is freaking out. sounds like it's time to calm the nerves with a spot of tea.

in oh, the places you'll go daniel and rebecca shared a pot of tea. but seeing what's happened to the TAAG today, i'm not about to go making any order recipes anytime soon. plus, have you noticed that it's 90-something degrees outside today?

order-free iced tea (by debbie)
heat water in kettle until it comes to a rolling boil. pour boiling water over teabags in teapot and steep until tea has reached desired strength. allow teapot to cool on counter for several minutes then pour tea into a large plastic cup and place in the freezer for approximately one hour.

remove tea from freezer and pour into a new glass over ice. add honey to sweeten to taste.

so yummy it can almost distract you from a teenager dying in some sort of pseudo-medical cult blood letting ceremony.

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