Wednesday, August 22, 2007

alternate kitchen uses

okay kids, this might just blow your mind... but the kitchen isn't just for cooking anymore. i know many of you out there will never develop the keen culinary skills that i have no matter how hard you try... but now you don't have to let your food preparation area go to waste!

my friends sean and amy have turned their kitchen into a state of the art dance studio & performance space:

so talk to me people - what else do you use your kitchen for? whoever has the most innovative response (with appropriate documentation, preferably in youtube form) might just get a prize from me.


Sean T. said...

Debbie, here's the recipe we used for our dance routine:

1 salt
1 deadly pepa

Insert into a spinderella and cut it up one time.

Laura said...

this is probably my favorite thing ever... except for amy's hurricane felix pic...

i wish i had such smart ideas for my kitchen!!!