Sunday, July 29, 2007

perks of the job

one of the great things about working in the entertainment industry is that i'm always being wined and dined. it's definitely one of the things that has helped me refine my sophisticated palate.

tonight, compliments of live nation, i was treated to the following epicurean delights:

the salad de la casa and veggie burger from chat 'n' chew. i consider it both an honor and a privilege to be able to partake in some of the finest takeout under $15 that union square has to offer.

to drink, i paired this meal with both a diet coke (a freebie from the bar) and a teany green tea with ginseng (a gift from the local deli). this combination of aspartame-ridden carbonation and Moby-esque goodness provided the perfect bouquet to compliment my meal.

and of course, no rock and roll evening would be complete without a night cap. once home i indulged in a glass of mint chocolate baileys (sample provided by the local liquor store) with soy milk.

to make this cocktail i mixed equal parts baileys and unsweetened soymilk. serve chilled over a single ice cube.

i know not everyone gets to experience such A-list treatment. but i'd definitely recommend saving up to treat yourself to a night like tonight at least once or twice a year.

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