Sunday, July 29, 2007

all in the family

this morning i was treated to a family breakfast out in brooklyn. i probably shouldn't be posting this, but i just couldn't resist sharing one of my grandmother's secret recipes with all of you.

bagels and appetizing (by grandma pearl)
  • one dozen bagels
  • two plum tomatoes
  • three eggs
  • several large leaves of romaine lettuce
walk to the corner store and purchase 12 assorted fresh bagels (you may substitue a baker's dozen if your local bagel store allows). upon returning home, remove from paper bag and place in serving bowl. on a separate plate lay down three or four large romaine leaves. hardboil three eggs, remove shells, and place on one side of the lettuce plate. wash and slice plum tomatoes and arrange opposite eggs. serve with a side of cream cheese.

i like to make what my grandmother refers to as a dagwood sandwich. this one is made up of a cinnamon raisin bagel schmeared with cream cheese and layered with sliced egg, tomato, and lettuce.

i know my grandma would be angry with me if she saw this post, but i thought this meal was just far too special not to share. luckily, good old g-ma doesn't have a clue what a blog is.


Shannon said...

One thing, can you help me determine the quantity of cream cheese in a "schmear"? I am wondering if you can quantify that with a teaspoon or tablespoon amount so I don't mess this one up.

Also, do you have any bagel cutting tips?

debbie said...

sorry shannon, i should have remembered to translate grandma's recipe into goyim for the non-jew readers out there. as for a schmear, it's hard to give an exact measurement since it depends upon the size of your bagel. just be sure to coat each half of the bagel evenly with the cream cheese. once you've spent a little more time in the kitchen i'm sure you'll feel more confident estimating.

for cutting a bagel i can't stress enough how important it is to steer clear of gimmicky bagel cutters. simply hold the bagel in one hand and cut it halfway through. rotate the bagel 180 degrees and repeat.

karolyn said...

In your HAND?!?!?!?!
I hope my knife skills become as good as yours.

jackie said...

well debbie. i used your cutting method while working at the bagel station in high school, and found myself one afternoon in the e.r. receiving four stitches on my inner thumb.

Panegyric said...

This seems hard. You have to boil things? Do you have any stove using advice for those of us of lesser skill levels?

debbie said...

karolyn & jackie - maybe some classes at the local JCC would help?

panegyric - i suggest buying some pre-cooked and peeled eggs. don't force yourself to start using the stove until you absolutely must. here's one vendor i recommend: