Saturday, July 28, 2007

breakfast for the busy gal

cooking while on the run can be tricky, but luckily i've perfected this quick and easy meal.

nature's path organic frosted toaster pastries are just like pop tarts, only less trashy and more expensive (therefore perfect for the hip urban dweller like myself). even though their nutritional info is nearly identical to that of actual pop tarts, their minimalist packaging and frou frou status tells me i'm clearly starting the day off right.

most recipes will call for you to remove the pastry from the pouch then warm it in your toaster at the lowest heat setting for one heating cycle. i've simplified this even further by omitting the toasting step and placing the pastry directly into my mouth (after removing the it from the pouch).

i also like to double the amount of pastries called for in the recipe. this makes clean up a snap (always important for a girl on the go) since there isn't a pesky second pastry to wrap up and put away.


Shannon said...

How do you find the time?

laura said...

amazing. i always avoid pop tarts, due to the trashy reputation they have earned, but secretly i miss the fresh fruit taste.